Badass bong made from a Don Julio Tequila bottle. Hancut with diamond tip tools and dripped with blue epoxy. If you still havent decided you want one, you should by now. Migrate your way to the inventory and shop away.


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Spice up your style!

Feel the smooth inhale of your favorite smoke through your favorite bottle. Delicately cut and sealed, you can breath easy knowing that your Bonggle will serve you well as a functional conversational piece.

"Oh wow! Where did you get that?!"


Find a color that best matches the esthetic you are going for. If you cant find one you like, shoot us an email and we can make one custom for you!

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More About The Brand

Upcycled Materials

By upcycling, we try to reduce the waste to recycling and landfills by innovating and creating products that our customers want to share with others.

Made with love

Don't like what you received? Let me know so that I can make it right for you.

Washing Instructions

Really any way that you would clean your typical bong. However from the use of mine, you dont really get much that sticks in the bottle, the stem gets most of it, and that is easy enough to clean with rubbing alcohol.

Think about the animals

Recycling helps wildlife by eliminating the risk of animals consuming recyclable waste or getting trapped and injured by garbage. Enough said, help the animals! Buy a Bonggle!

How to use

If you have seen a bong, then you will notice that the down stem on some of he products is very high up or even almost sideways. 

This is a design choice. As a Bonggle, being part bottle and part bong, you would fill the bottle close to the fill hole, but upon taking a hit, you are going to slightly tip the bottle back to allow the stem to be submerged in water, but not tipped enough to accidentally drink the Bonggle water. :)